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Top Instagram Trends All Marketers Need to Know About In 2019
27 August 2020

Top Instagram Trends All Marketers Need to Know About In 2019



Instagram has become the most powerful channel to promote content for communication and to provide customer service. It provides better ROI and engagement.

Instagram has changed a lot since 2010 and it also updates trends almost every year. If you want to make a hack through Instagram, you have to change your trends according to the latest norms.

So, below we are explaining some top marketing trends for 2019.


Instagram Television: IGTV

IGTV is a standalone app associated with Instagram, developed to post long form of video in vertical form.

Many brands use IGTV as it is easy to use and helps to promote brands effectively by taking a long video. It can upload videos of up to 1 hour and provides the opportunity to tell a longer story to your viewers.

IGTV is the most preferable to grow your community, increase engagement, and provides a new way to test the creativity of your brand.


Hire an Instagram Influencer for Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new trend to grow your brand. Influencers may be the brand, blogger, group etc. They already have a big list of followers and gets a lot of attention, so it is obviously a budget friendly way to promote a brand.

Companies should form a relationship with an influencer to endorse a product because they are trusted and have the ability to engage with more people.


Shopping Through Instagram

When you are scrolling the news feed on Instagram, you can see various posts related to shopping brands. Viewers love to connect with brands on Instagram.

It is an easy and familiar way, not only for you to present your best-selling product in front of your customer but also for your customer to purchase directly through your Instagram page.


Post Your Instagram Story

It allows you to promote your brand by using the feature of posting images and videos as your stories which disappear automatically after 24 hrs.

It gives you a unique way to engage with your customers and gives transparency between you and your customers.

A proper use of Instagram stories may give you a better chance of reaching your target audience.


Use Relevant Hashtags

Proper hashtags provides a discoverability to your post. In Instagram, there are a list of tools like keyhole, hashtagify etc. which are helpful to decide what the proper hashtag is related to your post.

You can also check the hashtags your competitors and customers are using. You have to keep in mind that a post with many hashtags gets more attention compared to a post without a hashtag.


Instagram Filters for Brands

Filters were used by snapchat but nowadays it is common for other social platforms. You can also use the filters in Instagram to showcase your brand.

Filters helps you to enhance your brand by editing it to the way you want it. It is also a way to engage customers.



Unless you accept these trends, you will not be able to provide customer satisfaction. If you want to grow your business via Instagram, you have to follow these trends.




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